Want to control your event budget?

At Cor-Events we have decades of experience in venue and vendor negotiation.We specialize in picking the appropriate location and service providers while keeping an eye on your event budget.

As part of our planning services, we meet with our clients and tailor an ideal event budget that includes the main cost categories: site costs, rentals, audio-visual, food services, personnel, transportation, security, marketing, insurance and entertainment costs as well as any additional client requests. We work with our clients to manage their budgets and think of creative solutions throughout the entire process

Need help in building your corporate event budget? Contact Cor-Events for a no-obligation analysis.

At that point we leverage our decades of venue and vendor negotiation experience to meet your event budget. Often, without proper oversight, organizations end up overpaying for unused services and catering: At Cor-Events we are experts at:

  • Ensuring you are paying for precisely the food and beverages your event will require.
  • Optimizing meeting space allocation and AV rental.
  • Review and audit event master account charges

The industry relationships that Cor-Events has built up during the years with hotel chains, catering companies, event production companies and travel companies also play a contributing role in us delivering value and helping manage your event budget.

For more information on corporate event budgets, vendor and venue negotiations, contact us today.