Professional on-site event management

Cor-Events has a proven track record among event companies in providing professional on-site event management services to ensure your conference event meeting is completely successful.

Our certified meeting professionals facilitate and assist our clients throughout the entire event in order to ensure things run smoothly. On event days our staff always arrives hours before the beginning of the event in order to make sure tables have been properly arranged, meals have been carefully selected, signs are in their correct place and name badges are organized in alphabetical order for attendees, ensuring the event setups are according to client requirements.

Researching event companies and want to learn more about our on-site event management costs? Contact Cor-Events for a no-obligation estimate. 

Cor-Events will hold a Registration Desk throughout your entire program in order to provide assistance to attendees, respond to questions and clarify any doubts they may have. Attendees will be warmly welcomed by our event specialists and our staff will be assigned specific duties in order to ensure that attendees’ needs are met. 

Event companies should always be prepared for any contingency. As there are always walk-ins in any event, Cor-Events carefully takes care of this by assuring payment is completed at the day of the event and we always ask for business cards just in case they are not in your company’s database.

Among other services, Cor-Events will provide with the following on-site event management required to make your program a success:

  • Attendee registration services
  • Coordinate meals, be attentive to special meal requirements, ensure meal is served at the correct time
  • Attendee list confirmation
  • Manage and monitor walk-ins and no shows
  • Room set up: monitor, office materials, signage placement, AV equipment.
  • Coordination with speakers: special requirements they might have regarding technology
  • Agenda distribution to attendees

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