A Mobile App for conferences can take your event to the next level

Cor-Events offers an unmatched mobile app for conferences and associations that you can brand for your events and set yourself apart from the competition. We also offer end-to-end support in setting up and managing the application on your behalf during the course of the meeting.

Contact us to learn more about the Cor-Events mobile app for conferences. It is now available for all iPhone, iPad and Android devices and is jam-packed with cutting-edge functionality:

List of events

This is the main screen of the event module that shows a list of all the existing events.

Delegate Registration + Authentication

Allows the event manager to send out an email blast that will enable people to register for the event & then login to the event. It could also be permissioned so that each registration has to be approved by the event manager


Delegates can see a list of all the presenters at the event, including their bio, picture, schedule and any documents the presenters may want to share. The presenter has the option to share their presentation and decide that it should only be available for download a few minutes after he is done speaking

Schedule Manager

Gives the user the ability to view the entire event schedule

Attendance Manager

In this module, the Event Manager can decide which delegate or group of delegates is invited to a particular event. The invitees can choose whether they accept the invitation or not, thereby building their own dynamic event schedule.

Information Pages

Static pages that show general event information such as parking, help numbers, hotel information, etc.

Event Social Feed

The event can decide to have a custom #hashtag and Facebook page and a live feed from Facebook + Twitter will be shown in the app. Attendees will also be able to post to these feeds using the Notes and Photos feature.


Sponsors / Exhibitors will have a “Virtual Booth” where they can setup their information including, photos, bios, marketing documents attending attending delegates. Anytime a delegate comes to their booth and scans a QR code they can also get the contact information of that person

Notes and Photos

User can take meeting notes and photos. They are able to share them with a Speaker or Exhibitor and also post directly to the event social medial channels

My Friends Search and Contact Sharing

Users can search for other people at the event and the app will show them all the contact details as well as whether they are attending or not. Users can download this “Virtual Business Card” directly into their phone contacts.

QR Code

This extremely powerful feature that can be used to:

  • Mark attendance at a presentation or at a supplier booth
  • Can be placed at the airport right as people walk off the plane to let the Pickup team know who has arrived
  • Can be used to run “Contests” like a lucky draw or a treasure hunt.

Interested in learning more about Cor-Events Mobile App for Conferences and Associations? Contact us today.