Conference Registration made easy with Cor-Events

Whether you are a small non-profit or holding a large annual conference, your organization can benefit from online conference registration. There are dozens of registration websites out there, which is the most cost effective for you? And who will set up and train your staff to use it? That is where Cor-Events comes in.

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Our years of experience in online conference registration for events large and small give us the expertise to help select the right solution for your event. Our expert team will also set up your registration and manage the whole process for you, saving your organization time and money.

There are various advantages to using Cor-Events for your online conference registration

  • Save time and money. Don’t spend hours researching your best option and getting staff trained on a new tool they will only use once a year.
  • Reduce errors. Properly managed online conference registration is proven increase accuracy and efficiency of capturing attendee information.
  • Reporting. Analyze data about your attendees in real time and of event costs as well. These powerful reports help you avoid previous mistakes and fine tune your events.
  • On-Site. As your event is starting, the last thing you want is a line of impatient attendees who have not been able to register. You’ll have all the needed functionality – check in, badge printing, payment processing and more -- at your fingertips at the moment when time is a precious.

In addition, our online conference registration tools also have many event marketing features such as custom-designed registration websites which can help increase attendance at your next event.

Studies have shown that online conference registration adds credibility to an event and positively influences attendance. The investment required is surprisingly affordable and the savings in time and accuracy make it a worthwhile investment for almost any type of event or conference.

For more information about online conference registration and registration websites, contact us for a free, no-obligation cost estimate.