15 Feb 2013

Association Management Tips

Posted By Lea Cerdido

Whether you are a small group or a large organization with thousands of dues-paying members, managing an association can present its challenges. Often, operations are virtual, budgets are limited and sometimes the chain of command is not clear. Based on my experience in handling various types of organizations, I'd like to provide some of the more useful association management tips. 

Leverage Software. A lof of association management is administrative in nature. Make sure that from day one you are utilizing practical software like Quickbooks, EventBrite or Constant Contact in order to track payments, registrations and manage marketing communications effectively. 

Communicate Early and Often. Remember that for many associations, officers are volunteering time and are usually busy with their day jobs. It's very possible that your email requesting an expense approval fell through the cracks. Follow up by phone if needed, that is your job.

Be Present. Whenever there is an association event, you should be there. Often new ideas and ways to resolve issues will surface, and your relationship with the association will be strengthened.

Enable Sponsorships. An association will love you forever if you help them obtain sponsorships that will help fund their organization. No matter how small, even service barters, are appreciated. Leverage your newtork and the chances of renewing your association client will grow significantly.

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Lea Cerdido is a Certified Meeting Professional with more than 20 years of experience in corporate meeting services and negotiating hotel and vendor contracts nationwide. You can contact her at