08 Apr 2013

Event experience: Turning feedback into successful on-site event management

Posted By Lea Cerdido

Being able to listen to feedback about on-site event management and make constructive use of it is a sign of a successful professional event planner’s event experience. Planning events takes a lot of hard work, dedication and attention to detail. An event planner has to make sure that both the client and the attendees of the event are happy, and that the event itself goes off without a hitch. Planning a spectacular event every time would be impossible if you didn’t spend time evaluating your previous events, asking for feedback and using it to improve on your next event. This is why listening to constructive client and attendee feedback is an important factor in gaining essential event planning experience.  

The best way to go forward in planning an event is to get feedback from your current clients. Encourage them to voice any queries, compliments or concerns they may have about how you are organizing their event and your plans for executing successful on-site management. You can also use feedback forms to gather information about how attendees felt about the event - how it was run and what they would like to see next time - and when these are filled out, you must make sure people have a convenient place where they can submit them. Don’t wait too long to send people online surveys to rate your event, the sooner you can send them after the event the better.

Social media is an innovative platform through which you can gather feedback on your event. You can get feedback through comments on your event’s website, through it’s Facebook page, or you could create a short and witty hashtag for attendees to tag when they tweet about your event. Social networks can be accessed rapidly and easily, and people enjoy tweeting and commenting about where they are and what they are doing. You will get a clear, personal and interactive idea of how all attendees feel as your event unfolds.

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 Lea Cerdido is a Certified Meeting Professional with more than 20 years of experience in corporate meeting services and negotiating hotel and vendor contracts nationwide. You can contact her at