15 Jul 2013

On-site event management: Essential to hosting a successful conference

Posted By Lea Cerdido

Thinking of hiring on-site event management services? When it comes to planning a conference, it’s one thing to hire a company that does all the bookings and management from afar - and it’s an entirely different thing to hire an on-site event management company that has people on the ground, taking care of your event as it happens. Here are two reasons why you need to insist on on-site event management:

1- Let someone else take care of admissions and registrations Whether your event has an online registration process or paid admission at the door, you don’t want to be the one responsible for checking tickets, getting forms signed and holding up a queue of people who want to get into the conference hall. An experienced conference management company will know how to best handle the registration process prior to the event and they will have the foresight to make the entire admission process run smoothly on the day of the event.

2- Forget about last minute emergencies Anyone who has put together an event will know that any amount of planning and preparation won’t necessarily lead to smooth sailing on the day of the event – there’s always last minute emergencies that need to be taken care of. Whether the florist is running late, the name tag sticker printer is out of ink, the multi-media tools aren’t synching with the sound system or the caterers are nowhere to be found – let the on-site event management company take care of it. Free yourself from these niggling responsibilities so that you can focus on welcoming guests and performing the rest of your PR duties.

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