15 Jan 2013

10 reasons why experienced event marketing is crucial

Posted By Lea Cerdido

As any experienced event planner will tell you, the marketing of events isn’t something that’s learned (or perfected) overnight. Here are 10 reasons why experienced event marketing is crucial:

1- Time management: One of the most important parts of event marketing is time management. Printing marketing collateral, communicating with guests and organizing media involvement needs to be done at specific times to draw the right level of attention to an event. Experienced marketers are familiar with media processes as well as the other time frames involved with pulling off a successful event marketing strategy.

2- Industry contacts: While some youngsters are networkers and ‘movers and shakers’, experienced event marketers have built up a reputation with key players in the industry, making the marketing process more seamless.

3- Targeted marketing: Marketing an event requires targeting niche groups of people – often across multiple channels. An experienced event marketer will be able to determine the correct channels, whether it’s social media, printing, direct marketing or traditional marketing channels.

4- Measurement: As the client, you want to know how successful your event marketing campaign was. Professional event marketers will be able to show you exactly how your money was spent and what the results were.  

5- Detail oriented: When it comes to marketing an event, it’s all about the details. Event marketers often specialize in event planning as well, so they know exactly how to create awareness and “sell” your event to your guests and target audience.  

6- Customer experience and satisfaction: It’s easy to get caught up in planning and marketing event, but professional event marketers will make sure that your experience and satisfaction are top priority.  

7- Speaker and entertainment knowledge: Each event has a different focus and your event marketers will be able to package your focus points (whether it’s professional speakers, entertainment, activities or awards) and make sure your guests are eagerly anticipating the event.

8- Sticking to budget: Anyone can throw a party, but only experienced event marketers can create the awareness and engagement you need while sticking to the budget that you have decided upon.  

9- Integrated campaigns and marketing: It’s of no use announcing an event in the local press if your VIP guests haven’t already received their invitations. Event marketers will take each aspect of your communication and marketing into consideration to ensure an integrated and uniformed strategy.

10- Team of professionals: Experienced event marketers know that a team of people is needed to pull off a high quality event and market it to the public. When you partner with a reputable company, you will be partnering with a team of professionals that will work tirelessly to ensure your event marketing is a success.

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Lea Cerdido is a Certified Meeting Professional with more than 20 years of experience in corporate meeting services and negotiating hotel and vendor contracts nationwide. You can contact her at