13 Dec 2012

Should I serve alcohol at a corporate event?

Posted By Lea Cerdido

This is the million dollar question asked by clients to their corporate event planners. There is no easy answer to this important question. People enjoy alcohol and like to have a good time, even at corporate events. There are many reasons why you should allow alcohol at a corporate event, but there are also reasons why you should consider not to.

By far one of the biggest concerns should be the safety of your guests. Depending on the situation, your guests might arrive to the event with their own cars. If your event is out of town then many might arrive by town car or taxi, which helps with the drink and drive situation. It can also send your budget out of control if you decide to have an open bar. Cash bars tend to go down well with corporate events since people are responsible for paying for their own drinks.

If you do decide to serve alcohol at your corporate event then keep the following in mind:

  • Hire professional bartender: This is actually a very important point to remember and one that professional corporate event planners always recommend. A professional bartender can detect potential problems before the happen and know when to turn off the tap even before things reach crisis state.
  • Breathalyzers: For larger events ask the corporate event planners provide cutting stations with cutting edge, portable and calibrated breathalyzers in order to allow your guests to willingly track their blood alcohol level throughout the event and recognize when they are over the legal limit and are unable to drive any longer.

These are only some of the arguments you should consider when thinking about whether you should allow alcohol to be served at your corporate event. Contact Cor Events for professional corporate event planners.

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