27 Apr 2014

Avoid Risks Associated to Corporate Events

Posted By Lea Cerdido

From offsite executive retreats to large global conventions, things can go wrong during any kind of corporate meeting. We are not talking about lukewarm soup at the buffet or slow Wi-Fi in the meeting room, but serious incidents where attendees' lives can be at risk or the company's brand can be significantly impacted. That is why more and more planners are looking at adequate planning to avoid risks associated to corporate events.

The risks for not planning properly can be enormous, including but not limited to multi-million dollar lawsuits. Below are some examples of strategic risks associated to corporate events:

  • Offering a free trip to a government official to attend a meeting can be interpreted as a form of bribery and result in a regulatory violation and heavy fines.
  • Not knowing where employees are during a meeting in the event of an emergency that could endanger their lives or require evacuation could lead to duty of care lawsuits. The same type of lawsuit would apply if a company does not take steps to ensure that attendees do not consume too much alcohol.
  • If you do not have someone with sufficient vendor negotiation experience, the opportunity for missed savings and even embezzlement exists.
  • Poor data collection on attendees can lead to many risks ranging from missed sales opportunities to security-related issues and potential health emergencies.  

A solid plan to avoid risks associated to corporate events can help mitigate many of these issues. If you or your organization need help in putting together such a plan and successfully manage your next meeting, contact us at Cor-Events for a free initial consultation. 

   Lea Cerdido is a Certified Meeting Professional with more than 20 years of experience in corporate meeting services and negotiating hotel and vendor contracts nationwide. You can contact her at