Association Management, administrative services, membership services ... made easy by Cor-events

Are you overwhelmed with the administrative tasks of running an organization? 

Whether it is a small non-profit or a large chamber of commerce -- when providing association management -- Cor-Events can effectively serve groups of any size, scope or level of requirements, always aware that each client organization is served by its own multi-disciplined team.

Our clients benefit from a unique convergence of talent, experience and resources to support and enhance every possible area of association activity.

Cor-Events operates its association management services under the direction of an association’s board of directors and other key volunteer leaders, always respecting the organization's independence and autonomy, to plan and execute association initiatives, programs and member services based on the organization's overall mission, strategy and objectives.

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Cor-Events works closely to the association’s staff team in order to suggest and review strategies, innovative ideas and new approaches. We provide a full array of administrative services and membership services in order to streamline the operation of an association.

These are some of the services that Cor-Events provides as part of its association management packages:

  • Bank Statements follow-up
  • Deposits and payments
  • Quickbook reports
  • Welcome package for new members
  • Reminder of deadlines
  • Preparation of yearly calendar
  • E-vites
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Contact with vendors in order to collect payments

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